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Gender Reveal Glitter Bombs - Set of 20

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Looking for a fun & exciting idea for your Gender Reveal Party?

Create an unforgettable experience when you delight family & friends with a “revealing” champagne toast.  Slightly softer than our regular Pink & Blue these shimmery pastel shades have the perfect sweet baby vibe.  Pop. Drop. Surprise!

Glitter Bombs are perfectly sized poofs of cotton candy infused with edible glitter that dissolve in your drink for a hint of sweetness and a magical burst of color & sparkle! 

Set of 20 - includes 20 Pink or Blue Glitter Bomb pouches + 20 Stir Sticks (no box)  - Perfect for the big reveal!

Set of 4 - COMING SOON!

NOTE:  **We make every effort to conceal the glitter color in the cotton candy but occasionally the color might peek through so be sure to let guests know to wait until the last minute to tear open the pouch and pop into the bubbly**

Pro Tip:  Glitter Bombs show their sparkle best in clear & bubbly beverages.  Color mixing rules apply so adding a Glitter Bomb to a colored beverage might create a new color.  

INGREDIENTS: Cane Sugar, Mica-Based Pearlescent, Red 3, Blue 1, 2. 


1. POUR - Add your favorite bubbly beverage to a glass. (Pro-tip: Fill glass 1/2 full)

2. POP - Tear open pouch and pop in entire bomb

3. SPARKLE - Stir to reveal the shimmery magic!



GBs show their sparkle best in any clear & bubbly beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic).  You can add them to cocktails, mocktails, champagne, wine, sparkle water, ice tea, soda and lots more!

Possibly.. Color mixing rules apply so adding a GB to a colored beverage might result in an exciting new color.  (So a purple bomb might appear more blue in a yellow tinted champagne, a yellow bomb might appear more orange in a Rosé, etc)

The perfect amount of liquid for each Glitter Bomb is 6-8oz but slightly more or less will result in a more vivid or muted appearance.