Of course! You can add them to sparkle water, ice tea, soda - any clear beverage that could use a little sparkle

The perfect amount of liquid for each Glitter Bomb is 6-8oz but slightly more or less will just give a more vivid or muted appearance.

GBs show their sparkle best in clear & bubbly beverages. Color mixing rules apply so adding a GB to a colored beverage might create a new color.  

YES!  We use plain ol’ sugar and the highest quality FDA approved, food grade edible glitter & coloring. (if you have a sensitivity please check each product for it's specific ingredients)

Generally a few months but several factors can affect lifespan, like heat, humidity, & vibration.  We make it all to order and it’s meant to be consumed as soon it arrives - so dive in!

We make all of the cotton candy to order so we’ll need a few days to work our magic.  Orders during busy times may take longer so please allow up to 5 days for us to ship your order.  If you need something more quickly, move to the head of the line by selecting 2-day shipping and we’ll get on it.

In general, no. The perishable nature of cotton makes this difficult, but be sure to reach out to us if there is a product or shipping issue.